Lapin, Spain


Lapin is a french illustrator, an artist, an urban sketcher based in Barcelona. He can be defined as a mobile illustrator who carries his sketchbook and his compact sketching gear to the street, to a bar, to a metro, to Istanbul or Tokyo. Sketching is a way for him to record every second of his life and feel alive.

Lapin already filled around 160 sketchbooks for the last 13 years and he particularly appreciates sketching on vintage accounting books from the 70s which he finds in flea markets. According to Lapin a good sketchbook must contain two things ; some doodles of dinosaurs and vintage cars.

Besides capturing his life in his sketchbooks he also teaches art of “sketching” during workshops in universities, in art schools and participates exhibitions around the world.

Lapin has published several books, among them are “Cuba, an 56 de la Révolution”, “Lapin au Japon”, “Barcelona m’inspira”, “Oldies But Goldies”, “Lapin à Istanbul”, “Lapin à Carcassone”.

He has contributed to the Urban Sketchers blog since 2008.

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