Luís Simões, Portugal

Luís Simões is a Portuguese illustrator and storyteller with a degree in graphic design from the School of Design. He worked has a motion designer for 10 years, and has been a member of the Urban Sketchers community since 2009. By nature he is a compulsive observer and uses the visual memory as a guiding compass. Luís always prefers to leave the camera at home and look for what could give a “good picture” to make a sketch.

On March 2012 he started an adventure of five years around the world sketching every day. Has been in 29 Countries (Europe and Asia so far) making more then 1000 sketches. The project World Sketching Tour has the mission to travel around the world in five years, one year per continent, and draw the experiences, places, people, etc. blend into cultures, be part of communities and do voluntary work mainly based in education or art.

Lecture 7: World Sketching Tour