Silent Auction at Symposium Closing Reception

We hope you will participate in this year’s Silent Auction, which takes place during the closing reception. All Symposium participants –including participants from all Passes, instructors and volunteers– are invited to donate a sketch to be auctioned. All proceed go towards Symposium expenses.

Silent Auctions are fun! All you have to do is browse the sketches being offered and write down your bid for any sketches that interest you. Bidding usually starts at around $20 USD, and go up in increments of $5. At the end of the auction, whoever has the highest bid for a sketch wins that item. We will be able to accept cash (S$ and USD), and we’re working on accepting online payments and credit cards.

More information will be available at the event for anyone interested in donating a sketch. We hope everyone will be interested in bidding. The Silent Auction gives you a chance to take home an original sketch (or sketches!) by a fellow sketcher. You’ll have a memento of your trip and an opportunity to help Urban Sketchers.