Symposium Sponsor Profile: Super 5

Super 5, a Darmstadt, Germany, fountain pen company and a sponsor last year, and Singapore partner Shop Oryx will provide attendees with sketchbooks containing mixed-media paper.

As we came together to design these sketchbooks, we had the needs of the typical Urban Sketcher in mind. Yes, the SUPER 5 sketchbook is available in 10 different book formats – so the right one can be found for every place and every pocket. The sketchbooks “Shanghai” and “Berlin” will fit perfectly in your jeans pocket. We name our books after some of the most beautiful cities in the world, so there was this very big chance to get Singapore to be one. Singapore has a lot that should be explored, so this sketchbook is not our smallest size. It is now up to you to figure it out graphically and have a lot of fun, but feel free to choose a different paper size from this sketchbook range. The 32 pages of every book are made from our proprietary drawing paper. This paper is wood-free, acid-free, chlorine-­free and age-resistant in accordance with DIN­ISO 9706. It is erasing-resistant and distinguished by a very good pigment adhesion. Although the grammage of the paper is only 140gsm, it is extremely strong and therefore also suitable for coloring with watercolor.

SUPER5-sketchbooks-sizes 20x25-l-singapore SUPER5-sketchbooks-group