Symposium Sponsor Profile: Wörther

We are happy to introduce Wörther of Baden-­Baden, Germany. Wörther will be sponsoring the Urban Sketchers Symposium for the first time.


In 1985 Gerhard Wörther founded the company which, now as then, continues to offer exceptional mechanical pencils, writing instruments and accessories. For the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Singapore, Wörther will give participants “the Shorty,” a mechanical pencil loved by designers and architects.

This mechanical pencil is elegant, practical and comfortable in the hand, thanks to its ergonomic hexagonal design. It comes with a 3mm soft 7B graphite lead ideal for writing, drawing, sketching and marking. The Shorty can write on almost any material, including wood, metal, paper, plastic, glass (using a red lead) and X­Rays (using a white lead).  Sharpening is fuss-­free. The lead automatically wears to a conical shape with use and does not dry out.

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