Activity 4: Wet and Wild with Textures

Instructor: Paul Wang (Singapore)

Location: National Library

IMG_0683  Mangoes & Oranges


Texture is an important element of art and design. Drawings and paintings often employ visual texture to portray their subject matter. Knowing how to creatively use textures can powerfully convey a variety of messages and emotions in our sketches. Adding thoughtful coloured textures can certainly make our sketches come alive.This activity hopes to encourage sketchers to boldly experiment and create your own unique palette of interesting marks and textures on paper.

Thian Hock Keng Temple 2 LR

Learning Goals

This activity allow participants to try out interesting watercolour paints and learn basic techniques to create textures on paper.

This activity will demonstrate how different factors such as water application and paper selection can greatly influence the desired textures.

Using familiar local cakes and pastries as subject matter, participants will explore creatively the use of watercolour paint to create interesting textures on paper.

Upper Weld Road (LR)


Materials/ tools that participants should bring.

1) Watercolour paint (tube or pan), Pencils, Water-soluble coloured pencils

2) Watercolour paper (A4 & A3 COLD PRESS paper. Paper weight should be 300gsm & above)

3) Spray bottle, brushes, mixing palette, paper towel, water container, masking tape