Activity 6: Diving into Digital Sketching

Instructor: Rob Sketcherman (Hong Kong)

Location: Waterloo Street

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Activity description

For most people, first attempts at digital sketching almost always look somewhat synthetic; something’s amiss and off-putting. Then there are apps to figure out, settings to fiddle with, not to mention navigating new technology. It’s no wonder most people throw in the towel and go back to what they know best – pen, paper, watercolors etc.

This activity is designed to lift the veil on sketching digitally, whether you’re just curious about the possibilities, or already dabble as a digital sketcher. Using the app Procreate for iPad, Rob walks you through his processes, from setting up his digital toolkit to discussing essential gear like styli and tablet holders. Discover which apps to use, how a good stylus can be a delightful, multi-purpose magic wand, and learn new ways of using and combining familiar analog effects in the digital world.

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Activity Schedule

Why would someone switch from traditional media to digital tools? Rob takes you through issues you’ll want to consider, then shows you how to navigate the world of what hardware, which stylus, and very importantly, app options.

One of the best parts about digital sketching is the ability to mix the looks of a wide variety of media, achieving very organic-looking results quickly and on the fly. No waiting for paint to dry! Rob’s all-time favorite arty app is Procreate and you’ll see why it’s often the choice used by pros to create. Learn how the interface can be tweaked to suit the individual, what goes into making digital brushes, or simply customizing the many default ones that come preloaded. After seeing how the tools work, there will be a live demonstration, with Rob walking you through his process. You’ll get to ask questions along the way and even test some features for yourself.

Finally, the session wraps up with an explanation of what happens beyond the sketch: what needs to be done to export your digital masterpieces for various uses. There will also be samples of printed work so you can see how digital work translates onto paper and what is needed to get a great reproduction.

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Learning goals 

You should walk away with a clear understanding of:

You can choose to just sit, watch and ask questions, or dive right in and play. Participants who’d like to test things out should bring:

  • their iPads (oldest model that can be used is the iPad 3, released in 2012)
  • have the app Procreate installed on your device
  • any stylus