Demo 4: Seasoning the Shadows with Primary Colors

Instructor: Kumi Matsukawa

Location: Queen Street near Hotel Royal Queens

Cherry blosom trees and Landmark tower 2
In this demo, I’ll show you my straight to watercolor sketch technic using primary colors only.
Primary colors (pigments) are handy, easy to minimize your sketch tool/palette, but they can make almost any color you want. Of course there are variety of blues, reds, and yellows there and it will be ideal if you prepare some of each different types of three colors. But this time I will use just plain primary colors.
What I want to emphasize in my demo is about controlling gradational change of hue by carefully mixing these colors and making variety of tones to make drawings convincing image. The idea is almost like making printed images done by color printer. They consists of cyan, magenta and yellow ( and black). And again, I won’t used black in my demo. I rather apply darker color that are made of thick mixed primary colors as the darkest dark.

The demo will include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Demo
  3. Q and A