Lecture 2: Sketching as a Tool for Field Study

Speaker: Luisa WanLu Hung (Malaysia)

Location: National Design Centre – Auditorium

Luisa Hung-140423

As a Taiwanese who is living in Penang, Luisa has the privilege of a foreigner to observe and catch the daily life of the city from a different perspective and transfer it into her sketchbook. In this talk, she will try to share her personal interest in interpreting the disorderly rituals and folk belief scenes (which are intangible cultural heritage) on sketchbook, using sketching as a tool for anthropological fieldwork. She makes use of any opportunities available, including cultural research, oral history interviewing, community art programming and news reporting. When sketching on location, it is important to know how to catch the important elements in a dramatic situation and to have the flexibility in dealing with an unexpected situation. After sketching, the work will be used as a medium to talk with the locals to gain additional details that are not readily available or have already disappeared in time. In short, this talk will offer an approach of how to “translate” ethnographic observations and interviews into a lively sketch work!

Luisa Hung-1409

Luisa Hung-140926