Lecture 6: Good Bones: An Interactive Lecture


Speaker: Stephanie Bower (USA)



“Good Bones”, an interactive drawing lecture on perspective sketching As an architectural illustrator, I work in the world of perspective every day. Each sketch I make starts with a few well-placed lines that set up the foundation for the entire drawing in perspective in the first three minutes or so. Over the years, I have simplified this process to three simple steps that I teach in classes and workshops. Good Bones is an interactive PowerPoint lecture that will show you the concepts of perspective sketching in a simple, clear and useful way. Using diagrams, photos and sketches from locations around the world, the lecture will start by demystifying basic perspective principles…such as how to find converging lines and vanishing points, what the Horizon Line really is, and most important, how to find and use these elements when drawing in the field. Informative and fun, participants will learn by drawing sequenced sketching exercises throughout the presentation. Once you understand the perspective fundamentals, you’ll learn how to quickly and accurately build your drawing step-by-step, working the sketch in layers as you add a sense of depth, details, and architectural elements to complete a dynamic and believable architectural sketch. Sketching in perspective is not difficult when you know what to look for… good sketches start with Good Bones! Materials needed: your sketchbook and a pen or pencil.


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