Workshop A: Playing with Light and Shadow

Instructor: Behzad Bagheri (Iran)

Location: National Museum of Singapore

Behzad Bagheri-Sketches (5)

Workshop description

Light and shadows visually define objects. The direction from which a dominant light originates, the placement of this light source affects every aspects of a drawing and make changes in objects lightness, darkness and color. Similarly, the shadows shapes, sizes and values range of shades in different times of a day are always changing .On the other hand ,when we walk up to an object and see it from various sides, we’ll have new images of the different values created by the light and shadows. So, the different characteristics of the light hitting an object can completely change its appearance.

Through this workshop we try to figure out, perceive and present the beauty and warmth of the sun’s light and its companion with the shadow in sketch. We start with the geometry of light and shadow and its perspective principals. We also learn how the objects are seen facing natural and artificial light sources, and what shadows they leave around.

Then we learn values and different shades of grey between white and black (light and Shadow) and experience it on the paper. After that, we look around and change our position, choose frames and start testing presentation of light and shadow on the paper through trial and error.

Behzad Bagheri-Sketches (6)

Workshop schedule

First 30 minutes: Participants sketch different subject matters around them (chosen based on light and shadows) + A quarter hour group show of works and sharing them.

Next 1 hour: Based on previous feedback, some of light and shadow perspective principals which would be helpful,will be discussed.

Next 30 minutes: Discussion on colors , their companion and contrasts while participants are presenting subjects matters and practicing on the paper.

1.5 hours to 2hours: At the location, we find subjects and proper angles and try to check our learnings through quick sketches. First in black and white and then we use colors.

Behzad Bagheri-Sketches (2)

Learning goals

This workshop aims to draw participants’ attention to light as a factor of displaying subjects and to familiarize them with presenting light and shadow in sketches in order to energize and vitalize the drawings.

Supply list

The best tool is watercolor that can also be used for experiencing black and white practices. Black ink or charcoal also can be helpful.