Workshop B: Extending and Expanding: Combining Multiple Sheets of Paper to Capture Large Scenes

Instructor: Ch’ng Kiah Kiean (Malaysia)

Location: National Library of Singapore

20130720 Aerial View of Madrid

Have you ever encounter with the problems that I want to do a big piece of sketch while travelling? It’s too troublesome to carry a big or long paper especially travels by flight. Have you ever want to do a super long panorama sketch, street or aerial view but the paper is not long enough?

Workshop Description

20140319 魚池田螺

Learning goals

20050821 Beach Street

What are the materials/ tools that participants supposed to bring?

Workshop schedule

30 mins             PPT introduction (tools and sketching techniques overview)

15 mins             preparing the sketching tools

30 mins             demo

90 mins             sketch exercise

15 mins             review and Q&A