Workshop E: Thin Line, Bold Sketch

Instructors: Inma Serrano and Miguel Herranz (Spain)

Location: Bras Basah Complex North Bridge Road

LINE EX1 Inma Serrano

Workshop description

We will experiment how to sketch spaces with no reference or erasable tools (no rules, measures or pencils) in order to be able to put invisible reference points, add or divide dimensions, checking  depths, heights and tilts on your paper just working with your eyes and mind. This will allow you to draw much slower but to finish the sketch much faster.

Wi will apply all this on a spiral drawing: taking a main favorite little focus point that takes our attention and to draw it on the center of the page. Then drawing everything around following a spiral movement to avoid losing the reference of the focus point but letting it grow to all the page surface in a some kind of “organic” way.


For the second part of the workshop we will focus on gestual line. The term “gestual sketch” suggests something different to each person, but the defining characteristic is that the purpose of this type of sketch is to do it quickly and capture the essence of the object, rather than making a realistic sketch full of details.