Workshop K: Face the City! Portraits of the City through its Inhabitants

Instructors: Ea Ejersbo (Denmark) and Marina Grechanik (Israel)

Location: Bugis Village


When we discover new places, we pay attention to its landscapes, architecture and flora. But most of all (at least for us), discovering new places is about discovering its inhabitants. People are what makes up these places and they are everywhere, busy with their daily activities.

We will try to make a portrait of the city by capturing its inhabitants.

Drawing people has always interested artists the most, and is often considered to be the hardest to do. Drawing people in their natural surroundings, moving, interacting, is even more challenging. People change their postures all the time, often leaving in the middle of a sketch.

So, how do we go about it?

The workshop will help the participants to overcome the fear of sketching people, and to discover fun and expressive ways of capturing the city’s inhabitants in action, caught up in their daily routines.

face the city, img ea001

The workshop includes three exercises, each of them beginning with an introduction and quick demonstration of possible approaches.


  1. Capture emotions

A series of fast sketches studying people’s faces through their emotions.

We will focus on being expressive, quickly identifying characteristics in our chosen model, exaggerating, looking for type and image.


  1. Capture action

A series of fast sketches capturing the figure in action, the body language.

Body language can convey a lot without words, and we will look for the stories and show them in our sketches.


  1. Put your “heroes” into the scene

Longer sketch of people in their surroundings.

After practicing sketching people in action, and describing their emotions through their expressions and body language, we will sketch them in their surroundings. We will explore how composition and use of the page layout will help us to tell the story.

face the city, img ea002

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