Workshop L: Found In Translation: The Influence of Calligraphy in the Figure and Environment

Instructor: Melanie Reim (USA)

Location: Waterloo St.


Workshop description Participants will use the influence of Chinese calligraphy to infuse gesture and attitude into their figure drawings and surrounding environs. The class will begin by looking at the Chinese alphabet, a discussion of the weight of line and how that translates to the “weight” of a pose. Continuing by looking at examples of illustrators from Hokusai to Ben Shahn, to contemporary examples, such as Yuko Shimizu, the correlation will be demonstrated, and then, executed, fostering a greater contrast in line weight and speed of delivery in the drawing.

Learning goals

After this workshop, participants will be able to:

Reim.Columbia protest

One Hour

45 Minutes

One hour

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Supply list

Pentel Brush Markers

Staedtler Mars Brush Pen


Brush pen or marker- But NOT Tombro.

Brush and ink