Workshop O: Sketchpedition

Instructor: Sanjeev Joshi (India)

Location: Albert Street (Trisha park and food centre).


Workshop description

Definition of sketch=A sketch is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not usually intended as a finished work.
Definition of Expedition= 1)A journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose,especially that of exploration and research. 2)Promptness or speed in doing something..
So sketching+expedition= sketchpedition..

This workshop will mainly aim at how to draw quickly when travelling. It is always difficult to sketch/paint in crowded public places like bazzars, shopping streets, souks, or city squares. One rarely finds enough time and physical space for sketching in such crowded places.

The location of this workshop demands that we sketch fast. To sketch diverse architecturally styled buildings in quick time is challenging. The workshop will teach how to tackle this challenge and yet make the sketches look colourful and stunningly beautiful. It is also an exercise in picking and leaving certain visual elements to draw a well composed picture.
The idea is to take back memories of the place in the form of sketches, rather than detailed documented drawing.
The workshop will be good for beginners as well as seasoned the end result is going to be colourful and beautiful in any case! Its also fun to do a sketch in two parts!


Workshop schedule

We gather at Singapore national design centre,for introduction and applying random colour patches on sketchbook pages. Take photographs of all coloured pages for record. Time: approx. 45 minutes.

Once we are ready with colourful sketchbooks,we start walking towards our location Albert street( 5 minute normal walk),While we walk ,a demo will be given of how to record quick impressions of the surroundings in form of sketches composed using coloured pages. Time: approx. 30 minutes.

Once we are at location, the participants will spend time to do the sketching of nearby areas.We might gather at a predecided place after first one hour of sketching to evaluate the progress( break of 15 minutes).We then proceed To explore the remaining 30 minutes for sketching.Minimum of 10 sketches are expected from all participants, more the better!
This will encourage the speed and spontaneity.
I will be with you all the time during this sketchpedition. Time: 1 hour 45 minutes.

Gather at a predecided place for Discussions, exchanging ideas, sharing and Documenting the works.We conclude our sketchpedition here. Time: 30 minutes.approx.

Learning Goals

The workshop will help to learn

1) How to record an impression of the place in few minutes, yet make it look artistic and graphically bold looking!!..
2) How to improve the composition sense,using random colour patches,black lines, black masses and calligarphic notes, all in quick time , to creat a bold graphic statement.
3) How to use the sketchbook In all 4 directions, or even more!..



Please bring 2 or 3 sketchbooks, max A4 size, wirebound hardback sketchbooks( 180 gsm white papers).
Black ink pens, black sketch pens, black markers, black calligarphy pens, pencil. In short, get only so much which fits in your pocket/small pouch bag. The whole idea is to travel light!

NOTE: The necessary colour inks and brushes will be brought by me for everybody. So NO colours to be brought by you for this particular workshop.