Online registration is closed as of June 15, 2015.

Confirmed registrants may log in at to modify registration and account details.

A limited number of Workshops and Sketching Passes will be available for onsite registration at the National Design Center beginning at 14:30 (2:30pm) on Wednesday, July 21. We cannot guarantee admission to all, so please show up as early as possible.

For those who have already registered for Sketching or Activities passes, we will be selling tickets to selected individual Workshops for $125 USD / $170 SNG. Cash preferred!

More About the Passes

Are you interested in the full learning and social experience of the Symposium?

The Workshops Pass gives you access to the full educational event, including all of the workshops, lectures, activities and demonstrations, as well as social encounters.

This pass keeps you busy learning about sketching while visiting with old and new friends.

Are you interested only in the social experience of the Symposium?

With the Sketching Pass, you will have a leisurely experience, meeting with everyone for the morning gatherings, then wandering Singapore between meeting up with others for organized sketch crawls twice a day, followed by meeting up with all the other sketchers at the night.

You’ll get a badge, and you’ll join the rest of the group at the Welcome Reception and the Closing Party.

Are you looking for an experience that is a little bit of both of these?

The Activities Pass gets you a social time with a little bit of learning. It also gets you an educational time without the commitment of the full workshop schedule.

With this pass you have access to all of the lectures, demonstrations, and activities such as sketching tours, portrait exchanges, and critiques. Plus you’ll have time for more open sketch crawls, and access to the the Welcome Reception, Closing Party, and of course the nightly gatherings.